Developing local communities and human capital

Developing local communities and human capital
How does SUEK promote careers in engineering to children?

Four scientific creativity centres for children have been opened in the Kemerovo region with support from SUEK. In 2019, the recently launched UnikUm centre benefitted from new, modern laboratories and workshops for intelligent electrical engineering, robotics and distance learning.

The aim of the centre is to develop intellectual and practical professional skills, and foster creative potential in pupils in grade five to eleven who show an interest in natural sciences. This unique educational platform gives children the opportunity to participate in scientific projects and have a go at solving issues that affect their region, the whole country and the entire planet. In 2019, SUEK invested $0.55m in this important initiative.

Sergey Grigoriev,
Public Relations and Communications Director, President of the ‘Suek to the Regions’ fund

Our priorities

In our ongoing commitment to being a good corporate citizen and a supportive and reliable partner for local communities, we have the following priorities:

  • Improve housing conditions and promote the development of education, sport, healthcare and culture
  • Bolster sustainable economic growth and the development of diverse and thriving communities by providing support to the next generations
  • Improve the efficiency of our community investments by introducing innovation into social projects and coordinating activities with regional administrations and NGOs
  • Raise awareness amongst young people about the career prospects offered by the energy sector

Our regulatory framework

ISO 26000
Social Responsibility standard

Our approach

Our social activities are aimed at improving the living standards and well-being of our employees, their families and the communities in which we operate. Through our work in the regions and a proactive approach both inside and outside the company, we focus on making positive, long-lasting contributions to the economic, as well as the social prosperity of local residents.

We supply heat to more than 5 million people living in regions where the temperature remains below 0 °C for more than 6 months of the year. We are also one of largest electricity suppliers, employers and taxpayers in our regions of presence.

Meanwhile, SUEK’s social strategy aims to promote regional development through creating opportunities for local residents. Our social programmes help stimulate economic development and improve living standards for local people by involving them in our projects and ensuring they benefit directly from them. By developing infrastructure and fostering education, we enable communities to solve their own problems and attract the resources they need.

Our investment approach to supporting local communities is underpinned by our Corporate Social Policy, which was developed in line with best-in-class global standards, the UN Global Compact, the UN SDGs, the Social Charter of Russian Business and the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standard. Furthermore, SUEK’s relations with local communities are governed by the Code of Corporate Ethics, which outlines the corporate values and culture.

We develop and run social programmes in close cooperation with stakeholders: regional and city administrations, non-governmental organisations and local residents. These partnerships are based on a shared desire to encourage regional social development and are aligned with SUEK’s strategic goals.

We proactively participate in global sustainability initiatives, such as supporting the UN SDGs through the work we conduct to resolve social challenges that local communities face. Most of our social projects are focused on solving various sustainable development problems, such as improving immunisation, providing electricity, computers and other equipment for schools, and supporting young mothers in developing their careers. These long-term projects are trialled in one region before being replicated across all of the territories where we operate. SUEK does not operate in the areas of residence of indigenous peoples. In the framework of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the boundaries of license areas cannot include territories inhabited by them.

Corporate Social Policy management structure


We implement ongoing social and charitable programmes in all our regions of presence. In 2019, we successfully ran over 250 projects in 11 regions of Russia, with a total financial investment of $26m.

SUEK seeks to address urgent community issues in the regions where we operate. We contribute to the creation of a favourable social climate, the improvement of housing conditions for residents of mining towns and villages, and the development of education, sports, health care and culture. The ultimate goal is to increase the attractiveness of the territories of SUEK’s presence for young people, attract young people to the mining and energy industry, and ensure the stable development of these territories for years to come.

Planning and assessment of social programmes

We run and finance our social policy through the ‘SUEK to the Regions’ and ‘SGC – ​Warming Hearts’ funds.

We carefully monitor the social environment in our communities to help better shape our community programmes. Both independent and in-house experts regularly assess our ongoing progress and outcomes. We measure the efficiency of our social investments through continuous monitoring of our projects using integrated social research, evaluating individual initiatives and the final results of our programmes. This analysis enables us to ensure the impact of our social investments is closely in line with our strategic and tactical goals. Moreover, by carrying out continuous analysis we can quickly respond to changes and identify areas for potential improvement.

Assessment tools include:

  • Task meetings of project expert panels
  • Focus groups with representatives of local and regional administrations, public associations and non-governmental organisations
  • Expert surveys
  • Analysis of participant surveys
  • Discussion of programme results at public events with stakeholders

In 2019, in order to improve the efficiency of gathering feedback from residents, SUEK introduced an IT platform. This improves strategic planning and makes it easier to adjust local development programmes involving local communities, regional authorities and our units in the Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk regions, in Buryatia and Khakassia.

Quantitative parameters:

  • Events held, number of participants
  • Beneficiaries Beneficiaries are residents of the territories that benefit from the results of our community, entrepreneurial and social-entrepreneurial projects.
  • Funds raised for the company’s community development programmes
  • Partners involved
  • Growth points Growth points are organisations set up as a result of social projects aimed at enhancing living standards in a particular district or town (maternity support centre, music workshop, mini-cinema etc.). created as a result of the company’s community involvement
  • Media coverage results

Qualitative parameters:

  • The increased efficiency of public-private partnerships, closer interaction between commercial and non-profit sector companies in solving social problems
  • Sustainability of previously implemented social projects
  • Favourable conditions for interaction with state authorities and the public
  • Enhancement of SUEK’s reputation as a socially responsible and sustainable company

Growth points Growth points are organisations set up as a result of social projects aimed at enhancing living standards in a particular district or town (maternity support centre, music workshop, mini-cinema etc.). and beneficiaries
Assessment of the effectiveness of our community investment
2017 2018 2019
Number of beneficiaries Direct participants in activities (workshops, training courses, work placement) offered by ‘SUEK to the Regions’ and ‘SGC – ​Warming Hearts’ funds, along with the recipients of grants and donations. of our social programmes 1,300+ 1,350+ 1,500+
Total number of beneficiaries 52,700 54,000 70,100
Growth points Growth points are organisations set up as a result of social projects aimed at enhancing living standards in a particular district or town (maternity support centre, music workshop, mini-cinema etc.). created 78 80 84

SUEK’s key activities

Urban areas and infrastructure development


Joint projects with local administrations to create a comfortable urban environment

Key projects:

  • Joint preparation and delivery of master plans in Chegdomyn, Chernogorsk, Borodino, Kemerovo and Barnaul for modernising urban and social infrastructure, developing cultural facilities and stimulating environmental development
  • Improving public areas, nurseries and playgrounds


Developing innovative and business thinking, fostering initiative and leadership qualities in children and teenagers, vocational guidance for occupations in engineering

Key projects:

  • ‘Digital Technology School’
  • Professional ‘Classes by SUEK’
  • Smart urban agriculture workshops for high school students
Sports and healthy lifestyle


Promoting a healthy lifestyle among employees and local communities

Key projects:

  • ‘Chess to Mining Regions’
  • Constructing sports facilities and holding competitions
Medical care


Providing cutting-edge medical care to employees, their families and local communities

Key projects:

  • Treating and rehabilitating children and coal industry veterans in health centres of the Department for Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • Training in outpatient work for doctors from the cities where we operate
  • ‘Dream Ski’ and ‘Dream Ski. Roller ski’ for children with cerebral palsy and other health restrictions.
  • ‘Special Parent School’ in Nazarovo to train parents and social services counsellors in home rehabilitation for disabled children
Leisure, culture


Developing a culture of creativity and inclusiveness

Key projects:

  • Public lectures on art, workshops and meetings with artists in Barnaul
  • ‘Street Art Week’ festival in Novokuznetsk and a street sports festival in Kemerovo
  • ‘Believe in Yourself’ musical TV Project in Altai
  • Support for the VIII th Zabaikalye International Film Festival


Promoting a culture of environmental awareness in the regions where we operate

Key projects:

  • ‘Water of Russia’: attracting public attention to the need to conserve water bodies, engaging young people in environmental protection, and improving popular recreational areas in mining regions
  • The ‘Zubochistka’ environmental marathon: picking up rubbish left by tourists
  • ‘SUEK’s Green Squad’: tree planting, litter picking, and waste paper and waste battery collection for recycling, environmental awareness campaigns
Local community development


Developing business and leadership skills, personal guidance and improving competencies

Key projects:

  • ‘School of Social Entrepreneurship’ for the advancement of education, medicine, sports, culture, leisure, consumer services in the mining regions
  • ‘Success Training’ for adolescents, including from social welfare facilities
  • Summer employment for high school students in landscaping, assistance to veterans and the disabled


Helping disadvantaged groups and protecting children

Key projects:

  • Cooperation with Rusfond and the Gift of Life charitable foundation in providing children with Hi-Tech treatment
  • Purchasing rehabilitation and medical equipment for the automatic administration of insulin for disabled children with severe diabetes
  • ‘Road to a Fairy Tale’ theatre project for children with disabilities and students from low-income families
  • ‘Gift of Santa Claus’ for pupils from low-income families
  • Arranging a training apartment in Krasnoyarsk, where children with mental development disorders learn self-care skills
  • Support for children with cancer