Creating value throughout the cycle

Our multi-product, vertically integrated model ensures stable cash flows at all stages of the market cycle, enhanced revenues as a result of operational synergies, and the ability to control both costs and environmental and industrial safety performance throughout the chain.

Our main differentiators:

  1. 1 In-demand high-calorific coals with low sulphur and nitrogen content → able to sell premium coal
  2. 2 Co-generation of heat and electricity fuelled by local coal → high energy and cost efficiency
  3. 3 Economies of scale and operational efficiency → competitive advantage in cost and knowhow management
  4. 4 Excellent logistical infrastructure supporting assets and end markets → maximum control of route to market
  5. 5 Owned fleet of high-capacity railcars and high-tech port infrastructure → cost and environmentally efficient route to market
  6. 6 One of the largest coal sales networks with direct shipments to customers → always able to find the regional market that offers the highest net-back price

Our inputs

Well-invested assets and vast reserves
  • Global sales network
  • Scientific research institute
  • Service facilities
BtBt — Billion tonnes
coal reserves with >30 years life of mine
coal WP
TPPsTPP — Thermal Power Plant
railcars under management
Skills and experience
training centres
Regular investment
$ 3.5 bnbn — billion
capital expenditure over 5 years
Stakeholder engagement
  • Equipment suppliers from 10 countries
  • Partnership with federal and regional authorities and NGOsNGO — non-governmental organisation
coal consumers

Our value

Our products help support economic growth and improve living standards for millions of people. We are constantly improving to be a responsible company and an excellent employer. We also aim to minimise our environmental footprint at every stage of the operating chain.

> 5 million
heat consumers in 6 Russian regions
  • Coal shipments to 48 countries
  • Status of single heat supply organisation in 86% territories of operation
  • >66,000 jobs
  • $1,030m paid in wages and salaries
  • 35% employees received professional training and courses
  • 9% of CAPEX invested in health and safety
Local suppliers
  • $577m spent on utilities, goods and services
  • Joint R&DR&D — Research & Development projects to enhance efficiency
Government and communities
  • $541m paid in taxes in Russia
  • >65 cities and towns supported through social investment
  • $26m invested in social infrastructure
  • 5% reduction in water consumption
  • 2% reduction in CO, NOX, SO2 emissions

Our products and output

$ 706 m
Net profit

Our products meet the growing need and evolving requirements of consumers in both developing and developed countries. Major consumers include the energy sector and the chemicals and metals industries.

  • Public utility companies
  • Fuel and energy sector
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemical products
  • Cement
$ 7,547 m

Our operating chain